Belam is a company with more than 25 years experience within the Baltic and Nordic market. Today Belam has more than 1000 implemented projects, a developed network of branches both across Lithuania and in other countries. With its experience and a considerable staff, Belam offers its customers the entire scope of services during a project implementation. Professional staff begins its work at the very first stage of the project when the customer is only shaping an idea. The staff helps the customer to transform this idea into a qualitative, secure and effective solution. Owing to financial stability and professionalism of Belam, customers can be sure of the result and the further delivery of qualitative support for the systems built.

Belam is the first integrator company from Baltic countries who was invited to be a member of UNIFE association. Belam are member on UNITEL, and Cybersecurity subgroups.

Belam has on hands experience with different types of sensors and technology’s like Lidar, line scan camera, microwave radar, thermo camera and other.

Belam implemented first in the Baltic states infrastructure for autonomous vehicles V2X in one of high density highway in Lithuania.
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