Safe and Autonomous
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Lidar for Life

The age of lidar is here. As we strive to make lidar technology a key enabler of smart vehicles and systems, we’ve always believed that safety comes first.

Our founders had a shared vision of how lidar could become an essential safety sensor in vehicles – to reduce traffic collisions and the human and financial toll of vehicle and pedestrian accidents, and to enable safe autonomous driving. Over time, we’ve extended this vision to smart infrastructure in cities, spaces and industrial robotics.

Our Story

Mass-Market Lidar

Founded in 2016 with a focus on lidars for ADAS in mass-market consumer vehicles, Cepton co-founders Dr. Jun Pei (CEO) and Dr. Mark McCord (Technology Advisory Board Chair) sought to create high-performance, reliable, low cost directional lidars to serve as safety sensors.

In the process, they built a team that has realized their ADAS lidar vision and is also enabling the future of safety, automation& advanced analytics across a range of industries.

Our Innovation

Award-Winning MMT® Lidar Solutions

We offer lidar sensors (near range to ultra-long range), automotive software and lidar perception solutions. Our lidars use our patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT®), a mirrorless, rotation-free and frictionless method for 3D lidar imaging.

MMT® lidars also feature our proprietary micro-optical modules, with integrated custom ASICs for state-of-the-art illumination control and detection. Our licensable technology enables seamless volume manufacturing through deep Tier 1 collaboration.

OUR Impact

A Smarter World

Cepton’s compelling price for performance has extended our reach beyond ADAS into Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and Smart Infrastructure markets. Our solutions are in Smart Cities, enabling intelligent roads and rail, pedestrian and traffic analytics, e-tolling and more.

With leading partners in Smart Spaces, we enable privacy-sensitive crowd analytics, social distancing, safety and security applications. We also serve the Smart Industrials market, including autonomous robots and ground vehicles.

Our footprint

A Growing Team

Join Our Team

Cepton has expanded from its headquarters in San Jose, CA at the heart of Silicon Valley, to various locations to support our global customer base.