Markets and Applications

Cepton’s MMT®-based lidar solutions are used worldwide across Automotive and Smart Infrastructure applications

safe autonomy


Our lidar innovation enables state-of-the-art safety features and Level 2+ to Level 4 autonomy in ADAS/AD/AV applications


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Level 2+) in modern consumer vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Fully autonomous driving (AD) in L4 fleet vehicles, such as robotaxis, autonomous delivery vehicles, and self-driving trucks

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intelligent perception

Smart Infrastructure

The best-in-class price for performance of Cepton’s MMT-based lidars and our Helius Smart Lidar solution also enables a variety of intelligent sensing applications in markets outside of automotive. In these markets, our solutions provide accurate, real-time and anonymized 3D perception capabilities to transform smart cities, spaces and industrial applications.

Smart Cities

Across roads, rail and tolling, supported applications include pedestrian safety, vehicle safety, wrong-way driving detection, speed detection, traffic flow management, vehicle profiling/classification for electronic tolling, rail track safety and more

Smart Spaces

Across crowd analytics, security and safety, supported applications include footfall analytics, usage of spaces, social distancing, cleaning detection, perimeter security, access control, injury/accident prevention, workplace safety and more

Smart Industrials

Supported applications range from various industrial automation use cases and autonomous ground vehicles (AGV) used in factory, construction, mining, and other industrial settings

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