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Helius Smart Lidar System





The consumer automobiles we drive today are loaded with onboard sensors to provide the drivers with information such as, tire pressure, real-time accurate navigation guidance, and advance safety features of lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and the list goes on. The next evolution of these smart sensors will be the additions of automotive lidar sensors to complement existing sensors to extend the range, accuracy and resolution providing a more complete and comprehensive 3D real-time perception of objects around the cars. Thus, enabling automotive manufacturers to provide systems with higher reliability and even more advanced safety features such as collision avoidance, night vision, enhanced adaptive cruise control to different levels of autonomous driving modes. The Cepton Vista lidar sensors are designed to be a small form factor that operates on only 9 watts of power enabling automotive designers to esthetically integrate lidar sensors into their existing cars' functional designs and electrical systems. The 200 meters range to detect objects allow on board software to react and decide the next course of actions or reactions while the vehicle is traveling at speeds of 65 mph. The Vista's angular resolution is 0.1 degree providing a high level of accuracies to delineate and detect different objects in near range or far range.




The traditional mapping and surveying industry have been transformed over the last 10 years with the invention of lidar sensors to provide 3D aerial mapping. These earlier lidar sensors are large, expensive, heavy, and deployed on large drones and or fixed wing aircraft. Cepton leverages its core technology from automotive lidar sensors to provide a lightweight, long range, high resolution, and cost-effective aerial lidar sensor for use with UAV drones to address the needs and requirements of 3D digital mapping ranging from terrain mapping, urban mapping to mapping of utility assets such as, pipelines, powerlines and various infrastructures. The Cepton Sora is lightweight at 550 grams enabling aerial systems with a lighter payload and extending flight time. The rich and dense point cloud of 120,000 point per second scans at 200 hz using two lines. These are just a few highlights of the Cepton Aerial lidar sensor.

Agriculture & Mining


Agriculture & Mining

The agriculture industry is not foreign to the adoption of new technologies in its quest to reduce operation costs, improve yield, and to address the ongoing reduction in available labor resources. GPS technology coupled with advance software available in our consumer daily cars today have already found its way onto farming equipment and fields throughout the world with systems such as, automated steering. The organic evolution of the tractor automated steering solution is to provide real-time 3D perception with the use of high performance, long range, and high-resolution lidar sensors to enable additional autonomy with real-time decision making capabilities. The Cepton Vista lidar sensor is the ideal lidar sensor to provide these enhance 3D perception capabilities with the ability to detect objects out to 200 meters. The ability to scan with 120 lines produces a rich and dense point cloud of 540,000 points per second enabling clear distinctions between crops vs furrows. In addition, high performance and high-resolution 3D lidar can extend longer operation time in the field without the need of sunlight or artificial light required to provide illumination.

Security & Surveillance


Security & Surveillance

The norm of the world we live in today relies on multiple vision sensors such as, CCTV cameras and IP cameras acting as sentries guarding and watching our home, businesses, and places we frequent. With the advent of automotive lidar sensors and sensor fusion technologies, the possibility of blending different sources of data such as, high resolution 2D digital camera / CCTV data with 3D digital real-time perception point cloud data and detection algorithm can enable an automated process to identify potential threats, as well as escalation to the next decision process. Cepton's Vista series has a 200 meter range and people detection up to 150 meters away. The integration of Cepton lidar sensors with advanced network CCTV cameras provide a reliable and long range perimeter sentry systems with the ability to detect objects day and automate the escalation and decision making process resulting in more effective and accurate at determination of potential risks and physical threats 24/7.


Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Koito) is the No.1 tier-one automotive lighting supplier, producing over 20 percent of headlights globally and 60 percent of Japanese OEM vehicles. Today the Koito Group consists of 32 companies located in 12 countries worldwide, and is recognized for its high quality and advanced technology.

May Mobility is the first developer of autonomous driving technology to replace an existing transportation solution with self-driving fleet vehicles on public roads. May provides a fully-managed microtransit service that helps people engage more fully in the places where they live and work, while helping make the streets safer.  

Mentor Graphics Corporation, a Siemens business, is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services, and award-winning support for the world's most successful electronic, semiconductor, and systems companies.

NVIDIA's invention of the GPU sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world.

ThinkReps provides Territory Sales as a Service for solutions providers in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan market. The company is focused on enhancing the sales and market awareness of the best solutions in the security industry.

Dataspeed Inc., located in Metro Detroit, provides complete autonomous research and development vehicle integrations that allow engineers to get up and running quickly on their algorithm, sensor, or data research. Dataspeed is dedicated to building innovative AV solutions that are safe, reliable, and cost-effective.

CNL Software is the leading global provider of physical security information management (PSIM) platform software. Over the last 15 years, its award winning IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM platform has been deployed to secure major cities, military installations, and government buildings; keep transportation facilities and networks operational and the people that rely on them safe; protect public and private critical infrastructure; and to help many large public and private corporations protect employees, property, and assets and manage risk.

MechaSpin is an energetic, focused and dedicated team of engineers who share a passion for solving complex problems using cutting-edge technologies. The team at MechaSpin has been working in the field of automation, robotics and computer control of machinery for well over a decade. Starting their careers in today's cutting edge fields of Unmanned Systems, Robotics, Automation and Self-Driving Cars, our team has developed the skills necessary to bring the sensors, algorithms and technologies from these fields to bear on your problem.



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Mapix Technologies

About Cepton

Cepton Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing industry-leading 3D sensing solutions for automotive, industrial and mapping applications. Cepton's patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT™) delivers unrivaled performance and resolution at a low cost to enable advanced perception for smart machines. We are currently shipping our entire line, comprised of four advanced lidar solutions, and have more than 70 customers worldwide. Cepton Headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We also have offices in Ottawa, Detroit, and in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Jun Pei

CEO & Founder

Dr. Pei is a technologist in optics and electronics. Before co-founding Cepton, Dr. Pei founded AEP Technology to develop advanced 3D optical instruments. Earlier in his career, he worked in technology development at KLA-Tencor, a semiconductor metrology company. Dr. Pei received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Dr. Mark McCord

CTO & Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Cepton, Dr. McCord was Director of System Engineering, Advanced Development at KLA-Tencor. He has also served as an associate professor at Stanford University, and as a research staff member at IBM Research. Dr. McCord received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Bob Brown


Mr. Brown has over 30 years of financial experience, primarily with high-tech companies. He was most recently CFO of Velodyne Lidar, and prior to that was EVP and CFO at VeriSilicon Holdings. Earlier roles included VP positions at Cadence Design Systems and LSI Corporation. Mr. Brown holds a B.S. in Business from Miami University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

T.R. Ramachandran

EVP of Marketing

Dr. Ramachandran has over two decades of expertise in the technology sector bringing advanced IC and system products to market and scaling them to high volume. He was most recently VP of Product Management at Velodyne Lidar, where he helped launch market-leading sensors for AV/ADAS markets & beyond. Previously, as a VP at LSI, he helped pave the way for its growth & eventual sale to Broadcom (Avago) for $6.6B. He has a B. Tech from IIT, Madras and a Ph.D. from USC.

Dr. Liqun Han

VP of Operations

Dr. Han manages Cepton's engineering team and operations. Prior to Cepton, Dr. Han was Director of Engineering and Technology at KLA-Tencor, responsible for core technology innovation and the introduction of new products. Dr. Han received a Ph.D. in applied physics and a master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University, with a specialty in solid state electronics and optics.

Dr. Dongyi Liao

VP of Applications

Dr. Liao leads the team responsible for integrating firmware, machine learning algorithms and other software components into Cepton's lidar to provide a complete solution for customers. Before joining Cepton, Dr. Liao was the co-founder of, an on-demand automotive repair provider. He has also served in various engineering and managerial roles at NVIDIA. Dr. Liao received a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from MIT.

Neil Huntingdon

VP of Business Development

Mr.Huntingdon has a lengthy career in innovative and disruptive technology business development across the image processing, industrial, IoT and embedded markets. Most recently at Quanergy, he managed all business development in the extended EMEIA market. Prior to that, he held senior sales positions at Apical (ARM), MCCI and Transdimension (Oxford Semi). Mr.Huntingdon began his career as the European Sales Director for GSI Technology and Alliance Semiconductor.

Dennis Chang

VP of Manufacturing

Mr. Chang oversees Cepton's partnerships with leading manufacturers. Prior to Cepton, Mr. Chang served in engineering roles at several leading Australian manufacturing companies making a wide range of consumer, commercial and industrial products. Mr. Chang has a bachelor's degree in automobile engineering from Tsinghua University and an MBA from Macquarie University.

Careers at Cepton

Cepton is a leading 3D lidar solutions provider that is shipping next generation lidar products for the automotive, industrial and mapping markets. Led by lidar and advanced image industry veterans and backed by funding from top VCs, Cepton has moved rapidly to establish itself as a technology leader, progressing from the founding of the company in 2016 to delivering four advanced lidar solutions and signing more than 70 customers in less than 20 months.