Safe and Autonomous Transportation

for everyone

Superior range, resolution and power efficiency

Patented, OEM validated MMT® for high reliability

Compact size suitable for integration anywhere

Volume manufacturable for mass deployment

Our reliable lidar solutions offer unbeatable price for performance along with mass-market scalability, in partnership with leading automotive Tier 1s



Range of up to 300 m at 10% reflectivity

Resolution of up to 0.05°

Field of view of up to 120° (H) x 25° (V)

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Range of up to 200 m at 10% reflectivity

Resolution of up to 0.09°

Field of view of up to 120° (H) x 25° (V)

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Miniature Near Range Lidar


Field of view of 120° (H) and 90° (V)

Resolution of up to 0.3°, range of up to 40 m at 10%

50 (W) x 50 (H) x 100 (D) mm

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family of products


~250 Hz; ~1000 lines/sec

200 m at 25% reflectivity

Field of view of up to 120° (H) x 22° (V)

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SMart Lidar System


Combination of lidar sensing, edge computing and perception software

Real-time, 3D object detection, tracking and classification

Multi-lidar aggregation, configurable perception zones

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Vista P60/90 Lidar Sensor
family of products


Range of up to 200 m at 30%

Resolution of up to 0.25°

Field of view of up to 90° (H) x 40° (V)

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Our lidars enable safety and Level 2+ to Level 4 autonomy


Autonomous Vehicles

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Smart Infrastructure

Cepton solutions are transforming cities, spaces and industrial applications with intelligent, anonymized 3D perception

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Smart Industrials

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Driving Lidar Mainstream

Cepton's lidar technology enables intelligent 3D perception solutions for the automotive and smart infrastructure markets. Combining performance, reliability and cost efficiency, our lidars are being deployed to enable safe autonomy in everyday consumer vehicles and make systems, spaces and cities smarter worldwide.

Award-winning lidar solutions across various markets

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