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In summer 2022, Jun took a trip in Japan to visit Cepton's longtime partner Koito. In one of the Koito facilities, as Jun was watching the products roll of the production line unit by unit, the moment was interrupted by the detection of a "problematic" unit. When Jun found out what the issue was, he witnessed yet another example of how Japanese craftsmanship plays a key role in ensuring top-quality production of automotive products.

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In this Driving Lidar blog post, Jun shares a letter he received describing the traumatizing impact of even a minor car accident through the lens of a Cepton intern. Safety drives us. It's why Cepton is invested in driving proactive actions to help ensure safer environments, safer roads and safer vehicles for you and the ones you love.

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When Elon Musk said in 2019 that lidar is expensive, was he right? Well, lidar used to be expensive, but today it’s a different story. In this Driving Lidar blog post, Jun discusses what the trajectory of the lidar market means for cost, performance, consumer trust, and beyond.

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