December 1, 2019

Cepton's Partnership with Dataspeed wins 2020 AVT ACES Award by Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Autonomous Vehicle Technology has announced its 2020 AVT ACES Award winners, and Cepton and Dataspeed received a joint award for their partnership on AV R&D and integrations.

Courtesy of Autonomous Vehicle Technology. View more information here.

Autonomous vehicle solution provider Dataspeed Inc. is partnering with 3D lidar supplier Cepton Technologies, Inc. to bring the latter’s high-resolution, long-range, and compact lidar solutions to the former’s customers. The relationship has big implications for the development and deployment of autonomous applications. The compact design of Cepton’s lidar sensors enables them to be integrated easily into the body of a vehicle, providing Dataspeed’s customers with advanced perception with little impact on a vehicle’s design.

At the AutoSens Detroit event in May, Dataspeed showed a Chrysler Pacifica outfitted with Cepton’s lidar technology and Dataspeed’s highly engineered by-wire system. Dataspeed provides autonomous vehicle integrations that allow engineers to get up and running quickly on algorithm, sensor, or data research and development, with its by-wire solutions forming the foundation of AV platforms. Its team of expert software and hardware engineers help jump start driverless car projects, including for sensor developers, mobility-as-a-service providers, teleoperators, research institutions, and government agencies.

Cepton’s lidar delivers high performance and resolution at a low cost using the patented Micro Motion Technology platform. Its lidar solutions provide 3D perception with a range of 200 m (660 ft) and a 120-degree field of view to power many levels of autonomous applications at an accessible price point. The company also offers the Vista-Edge lidar Evaluation Kit, a plug-and-play device with software and tools pre-installed to view and analyze lidar 3D point-cloud data.


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