November 4, 2021

Cepton integrates lidars into Intempora’s RTMaps middleware to facilitate the development of autonomous driving solutions

Intempora, a pioneer in advanced software solutions for autonomous driving, and Cepton are working closely to integrate Cepton lidar sensors into Intempora’s software library of Real-Time Multisensor applications (RTMaps) middleware. RTMaps are designed to enable developers to accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle solutions.

Visualization and colorization of Cepton’s Vista-P60 point cloud showing the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany at a ~200 m distance, supported by the RTmaps middleware toolchain.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) have become megatrends in the automotive industry, as more and more car manufacturers are looking to increase the safety and comfort level of their consumers’ driving experience.

The development of both ADAS and AD features entails a combination of sophisticated sensor technologies, powerful computing hardware and intelligent software. Among the key sensors enabling advanced 3D perception of the vehicle’s surrounding environment for safe autonomy, lidar has come to play an increasingly important role in the automotive industry thanks to its accuracy, 24/7 availability and data efficiency. To be able to provide efficient solutions for developing future technologies and processes that enable a higher level of vehicle intelligence, engineers need to be able to fuse and analyze multiple types of sensor data, in order to progress software from the prototype to validation stage of development in a shorter timeframe.

Intempora offers RTMaps, which is a trusted component-based middleware that has been used by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for over20 years. RTMaps includes a complete software stack for the development and execution of AD functions with over 120 packages and more than600 ready-to-use software components. Among them, many offer sensor interfaces for cameras, radars, GPS, IMU, CAN decoder and lidars.

Intempora and Cepton have partnered closely to integrate a RTMaps package that is designed to support all of Cepton’s lidar sensors, including the Vista®-P series, Sora™-P series and the state-of-the-art, automotive-grade Vista-X series and Nova lidar. This partnership offers an innovative approach to streamlining software development tasks for engineers, helping them fully explore and utilize the perception capabilities of Cepton lidars.

By helping to speed up the design process for ADAS and AD software features and reduce development time and costs, Cepton and Intempora are delighted to combine the best of their hardware and software solutions to drive smart mobility innovations forward.

“Software engineers are now able to acquire, process, synchronize, fuse, record, visualize and use Cepton lidar data to test the sensors’ capabilities in a matter of seconds” Said Nicolas du Lac, CEO of Intempora.

“With Cepton lidars available in the RTMaps middleware, we are delighted to offer a reliable, off-the-shelf and plug-and-play software package that supports most of our lidars. Through Intempora’s software development and execution middleware, developers are now able to experience Cepton lidars with a lidar data simulation toolchain developed by Intempora’s parent company, dSPACE,” said Henri Haefner, Director of Product Management and Marketing at Cepton.


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