June 29, 2021

Cepton Integrates Lidars into b-plus’ AVETO Tool Box

Partnership enables quick-start solutions for sensor data visualization and validation for development of ADAS and AD functionalities

b-Plus technologies and Cepton are partnering on the recording and visualization of raw lidar sensor data to enable plug-and-play quick-start solutions for the development of autonomous driving functions. With b-plus’ AVETO tool box, automotive OEMs and Tier 1s are now able to test the capabilities of Cepton lidars more easily.

Cepton’s Vista-P60 lidar sensor is integrated into b-plus’ AVETO tool box to enable the testing of sensor capabilities directly within the test vehicle MAX. Photo Credit: b-plus technologies

When evaluating new sensors, one of the challenges for engineers working on ADAS (advanced driver assist systems) and AD (autonomous driving) functionalities is the immediate data visualization and recording in a suitable format. Using AVETO, with Cepton lidars integrated, they can get access to the features of an ADAS and AD validation tool box that consists of hardware and software for the decoupling, visualization and recording of raw data from the lidar sensor.

AVETO also makes it easier to seamlessly converge new sensor data into an existing data stream. It can integrate multiple types of sensors, such as lidars, cameras or radars, and achieve the required consistency over high data volumes, which is enabled by checksums and timestamps based on synchronized clocks.

b-plus is currently working with Cepton’s award-winning, MMT®-powered Vista®-P60 lidar. The combination of the lidar sensor and AVETO provides customers a fast and straightforward plug-and-play start into the actual feature development using the sensors.

“The user saves time during the development process and is able to work with the data immediately,” affirmed Johannes Zangerle, Technical Business Development at b-plus technologies. “Integrated in AVETO, Cepton’s lidar can be tested directly within the test vehicle. A key example is our MAX technology carrier, where we already integrated the Vista-P60.”

“With the help of b-plus’ transformative AVETO tool box, we are able to offer customers our lidar sensors along with an entire toolchain that enables them to utilize the lidar capabilities quickly and easily,” said Henri Haefner, Director of Product Management and Marketing at Cepton. “For example, they can now use existing drivers to record the lidar data and synchronize it with other types of sensor data all in the same tool box, and add customized algorithms into the toolchain for further processing.”

Cepton integrated the Vista-P60 lidar with the AVETO.app Recorder SDK (software development kit), which is an extension of AVETO.app. Samples of the SDK will be available in fall 2021. Cepton will also integrate its Vista-X90 and Vista-X120 series into AVETO.

To get more insight into the capabilities of AVETO, watch b-plus’ video series of the AVETO Starter Kit. For more information about b-plus technologies and measurement devices, visit www.b-plus.com.


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