Webinar | Transforming Smart Infrastructure with Lidar Intelligence


Cepton Director of Product Management and Marketing Klaus Wagner and Director of New Business Development Paul Rutter introduce Cepton’s MMT®-based lidars as well as the Helius® intelligent perception software. They provide an overview of ongoing worldwide projects using Cepton’s lidar solutions, including smart intersections, traffic analytics, electronic tolling, vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) intelligence, security and safety, and crowd analytics.

The webinar also features two case studies by Cepton partners Vortex IoT and The Indoor Lab, showcasing how lidar complements existing sensor technologies with its unique perception capabilities. Vortex IoT Managing Director Adrian Sutton and CTO Behzad Heravi discusses how Vortex IoT’s lidar-enabled V2I solution turns buses into road inspection tools to monitor for attention-worthy maintenance issues and safety hazards city-wide in real time. The Indoor Lab CEO Patrick Blattner talks about how The Indoor Lab and Cepton are working together to bring accurate, anonymous lidar-based crowd analytics solutions into hotels, retail stores, stadiums, airports, corporate campuses, and other such venues.

What you’ll learn:

  • How lidar addresses challenges faced by existing sensor technologies
  • An elegant, timeless lidar approach – Micro Motion Technology (MMT®)
  • Cepton’s lidar solutions for smart infrastructure applications and their worldwide deployments
  • How system integrators augment and transform their solutions with smart lidar data