Cepton Multi-lidar Simulation in NVIDIA DRIVE Sim


As a member of the NVIDIA DRIVE Sim ecosystem, Cepton is adding an accurate digital twin of its lidar technology to the platform. Cepton is the first lidar partner to provide dual near- and long-range simulation. The two-fold detection enables blind spot elimination (near-range Nova lidar) coupled with obstacle detection at highway speeds (long-range Vista-X series), across various true-to-life driving scenarios.

This collaboration enriches NVIDIA DRIVE Sim’s library of vehicle, sensor and traffic models for accurate testing and validation. By working with NVIDIA, Cepton aims to expedite the development of lidar-based assisted and autonomous driving functionalities for global customers.

DRIVE Sim enables users to easily work with Cepton’s lidar models in a virtual setting to prototype a range of sensor integration options, visualize lidar scan patterns in different environments and optimize their sensor configurations with tunable settings such as frame rate, field of view and range of interest. These models will help automakers and autonomous vehicle developers accelerate lidar deployment while minimizing real-world test driving.

Learn more about our collaboration with NVIDIA here.