V2X | Cepton, ALP.Lab, and TE Connectivity Complete Joint Proof of Concept, “Periscope”


Cepton, ALP.Lab, and TE Connectivity have completed a proof of concept project that confirms the ability of an integrated system to warn drivers of unseen hazards ahead. Named “Periscope,” the project successfully extended a driver’s field of view by using lidar sensors mounted at the intersection to “look around the corner” and warn of a wayward pedestrian approximately five seconds before they would be visible otherwise.

Using Cepton’s intelligent 3D lidar perception, ALP.Lab’s expertise in system integration, testing and data analytics and TE Connectivity’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solution, the three companies created a solution that communicates additional information about road conditions in real time to the vehicle providing more time to react to potentially dangerous situations and enhancing overall safety.