Sora™ 200

The lightest high-performance lidar for UAV.

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Light Weight

Long Range

High Frame Rate

High Resolution


The Cepton Sora™ 200 is the lightest high-performance lidar for UAV.

The Sora™ 200 delivers long-range, high-resolution and low-cost mapping capabilities to aerial or ground-based vehicles. At 550 grams, the Sora™ 200 can be deployed in situations where payload weight matters. Its light weight enables UAVs to fly longer trips. With scanning range of 200 meters, the Sora™ 200 allows UAVs to scan at higher altitudes, avoid obstacles and cover more ground. At a 200-hertz frame rate, UAVs equipped with the Sora™ 200 can operate faster while maintaining high-density map data acquisition, suitable for a wide variety of UAVs including fixed-wing and quadcopters.

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