Long Range

High Frame Rate

High Resolution


The SORA-P60, Cepton's unique Micro-Motion Technology (MMT™) lidar provides an industry leading 1,200 scan lines per second, opening up the possibilities of scanning fast moving objects. In combination with Cepton's edge-compute hardware, the SORA-Edge™, it becomes a powerful, mobile object classification and volumetric measurement device which can send its data over Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE to a central processing server..

The SORA-P60 sensor is free of any rotational or frictional components, making the sensor impervious to mechanical wear and tear. In addition, the new SORA-P60 features rugged housing designed to withstand harsh environments, cold climates and salt spray.

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Car 3D profile scanned by SORA-P60

Truck 3D profile scanned by SORA-P60