System Software Engineer

Cepton is looking for a system software engineer who can play a key role in bridging from digital circuitry to embedded CPUs in our next generation Lidar. No specific work experience is required other than a broad knowledge of the entire stack bottom to top, and deep understanding of a few areas that interest you. Eager to learn and try new things is a must. We are open minded and flexible in which projects you take on. We highly encourage people to move up and down the stack to gain experience and understanding of the whole system.

What you'll be working on:

  • Work with state-of-art and SoC and FPGA platforms.

  • Design and implement the system control logic inside the Lidar sensors

  • Design and implement processing algorithms both at signal level and 3D scene level

  • Work on next gen automotive and non-automotive industrial systems.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering or equivalent.

  • Fluent with C, and know some C++.

  • Strong grasp of timing and concurrency concepts

  • Proficient in computer system architecture and embedded programming.

  • Basic understanding of optics and laser physics

  • Basic understanding of mechanical motion and control theory

  • Must be comfortable with fast prototyping through quick iterations.

  • Some machine learning or deep learning exposure