Senior Analog Design Engineer

Cepton is seeking a Senior Analog Design Engineer to design and validate high speed electronics subsystem for LiDAR product development, and also support new product introduction to high volume manufacturing process to support automotive and non-automotive customers.


  • High speed analog and mixed signal circuit design and prototyping

  • PCB schematic and layout design with OrCAD and Allegro, and able to run circuitry simulation w/ PSPICE or other simulation tools

  • Create and manage BOM

  • Drive component procurement, and the PCB fabrication and assembling

  • Test prototype PCBA and troubleshoot down to component level with soldering station, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, variable power supplies, DVM, Waveform & signal Generator, microscope, etc

  • Conduct failure analysis and rework the failure devices on PCBA w/ technician support to recover functionality and performance with soldering station, hot air equipment, microscope, etc

  • Collaberate with other functional engineers to complete projects in a fast-paced R&D environment

  • Work w/ Mfg & supplier to support volume ramp and PCB quality control

Required Qualifications:

  • Electrical engineering Bachelor degree or equivalent plus 10+ years of working experience in the field, or Master and Ph.D. plus 5+ years of working experience

  • Reliable and independent work style, highly accountable and responsible for the outputs and working well under pressure.

  • In-depth understanding of analog and digital circuitry and the theory

  • Strong experience and design skillset on high speed analog circuit, e.g.: high speed receiver analog front end

  • Good experience and understanding on high bandwidth analog signal sampling and digitization at low noise and high resolution, especially analog-to-digital converter (ADC) operation and design practice and application

  • Good experience and skillset on best known design method and layout practice for low noise and high bandwidth to enable high SNR and high signal fidelity

  • Strong experience and skillset on PCBA hand-on trouble shooting

  • Strong understanding and experience with PCB fabrication and assembling process and related issues

  • Ability to communicate and work effectively as a team with other functional team members