HR80™ Series

High-performance 3D sensing technologies at affordable price points.

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Long Range

High Resolution

Low Power

Cost Effective


HR80T: Long Range/Narrow FOV

HR80W: Short Range/Wide FOV

The HR80™ Series has a detection range of beyond 200 meters and better than 0.2 degree spatial resolution.

The Cepton HR80™ Series (HR80T Telephoto and HR80W Wide Angle) meets the market need for high-performance 3D sensing technologies at affordable price points. This technology delivers higher resolution and longer-range imaging at dramatically lower costs.

Both the HR80T and HR80W feature a patented frictionless micro-motion technology that eliminates large spinning parts and does not rely on custom components. The result is faster, more scalable production at a lower price. The HR80T telephoto model has an incredible 300m sensing range at 80x80 pixels with a 2.5cm distance resolution, while the HR80W wide-angle version supports 150m of range with a broader field of view. Both units feature impressive weight, size and low-power consumption.

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