Key Advantages of Cepton’s Directional Lidars

Cepton’s directional Vista®-series MMT® lidars provide dense, forward-looking beam patterns, in contrast to a 360° distributed pattern in rotational lidars

Directional lidars

Superior performance compared to rotational lidars, with affordable pricing

VFOV Coverage

More dense coverage across the vertical field of view 

Points per second (PPS)

Much higher PPS and overall angular resolution across comparable HFOV

Detection/Classification Distance

Higher range + better resolution = superior object detection & classification

1. Vista® Lidars: Outstanding VFOV Coverage vs. 360° Rotational Lidars

Rotational Lidar

32-channel lidar: Much more expensive than Vista -P60, with significant gaps in VFOV

Simulated images courtesy dSPACE
Directional Lidar

Vista®-P60 showing denser, more uniform point coverage on vehicles, roads and roadside objects

Simulated images courtesy dSPACE

2. Vista® Lidars: Superior Points Per Second (PPS)/Resolution Performance vs. 360° Rotational Lidars

Within a comparable HFOV, Cepton’s directional lidars provide much higher point densities

Most market applications do not require 360° HFOV lidars

Directional lidars don’t waste points, i.e., firing into sky or walls

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3. Helius® with Vista®  Lidars: Superior Object Detection & Classification

Higher resolution (PPS) enables better object detection and classification at a comparable nominal lidar range

High range for smart infrastructure applications (70-120 m @ 10%) enables better object detection and classification at longer distances compared to similar or higher priced rotational lidars

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