Mechanical Engineer

Cepton is seeking a mechanical engineer to develop mechanical assemblies for optical instruments. Responsibilities include mechanical design, detailed drawings, tolerancing, and FEA analysis for strain, failure, and modal analysis. Candidate should have several years experience with a standard CAD package, preferably Solidworks, including FEA. Previous work with optomechanical assemblies and flexures is preferred. Candidate should be prepared to do their own in-house machining for rapid prototyping as well as work with local machine shops for complex parts and volume production. Systems experience, electromechanical design, and optomechanical design are also desirable.

Job Requirements:

  • BSE in mechanical engineering and at least 2 years experience

  • -or-
  • MSE or PhD in mechanical engineering and at least 1 year experience

Senior Software Engineer

Cepton is looking for a senior software engineer who is interested in computer vision and AI. With 3D point cloud generated by lidar, some difficult problems become easy and some impossible tasks are now feasible. These areas are often unexplored and lack established best practice. At the same time, solutions in these areas are often immediately effective in solving pressing real world problems. Join us to explore this exciting new space opened up by the advent of high density lidars.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Application
    • Create and maintain reference solutions for common problems such as object recognition and obstacle detection.

    • Work with leading self-driving car companies and industrial solution providers for lidar adoption projects.

    • Work with clients' technical teams to co-develop domain specific algorithms for perception.

    • Troubleshoot and support in the field applications of Lidar sensors. May be required to travel to client locations around the globe.

  2. Perception
    • Implement and improve perception and visualization algorithms.

    • Use computer vision and deep learning techniques to derive high level information from raw lidar point clouds.

    • Keep up-to-date with AI and computer vision research and attend related scientific conferences.

  3. Automation
    • Create software components that characterize and calibrate the sensor collected data

    • Implement algorithms and scripts as part of automation in manufacturing process.

    • Control machineries with computer through feedback control loops and computer vision.

Job Requirements:

  • Fluent with C/C++ and Python.

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, math, physics or equivalent, Ph. D. is a plus.

  • 3-years of working experience or equivalent.

  • Proficient in computer algorithms and data structures.

  • Deep understanding of machine learning and neural network principles.

  • Basic knowledge of computer graphics and computer vision.

  • Knowledge of web programming and cloud system architecture is a plus.

  • Comfortable in dealing with customer's technical staff and provide support.

Senior System Software Engineer

Cepton is seeking a customer success engineer to join our team and support our global customers to adopt advanced LiDAR solutions in autonomous driving, industrial automation and 3D mapping applications.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. FPGA:
    • Work with cutting-edge FPGA platforms to do high throughput signal processing.

    • Interface with analog circuitry to program mechanical, electrical and optical components.

    • Optimal filtering and pattern recognition of signals.

    • Interact with auxiliary sensors and react according to the physical models of surroundings.

  2. Firmware:
    • Design and implement the firmware and digital logic components inside the Lidar sensors.

    • Work with state-of-art and sometimes bleeding edge SoC and FPGA platforms.

  3. Device Driving:
    • Create and maintain software libraries and applications for the operation of Lidar sensors.

    • Design and Implement software components that interfaces between the Lidar sensor and host computers.

    • Work with various platforms for self-driving and industrial solutions, e.g. ROS, NVIDIA driveworks, QNX.

Job Requirements:

  • Fluent with C/C++ and Python, knowing matlab is a plus.

  • Verilog/VHDL experience required for FPGA programming

  • Strong grasp of timing and concurrency concepts

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering or equivalent

  • 3-years of working experience or equivalent

  • Proficient in computer system architecture and embedded programming

  • Basic understanding of optics and laser physics

  • Basic understanding of mechanical motion and control theory

  • Must be comfortable with fast prototyping through quick iterations.

Customer Success Engineer

Cepton is looking for a senior system software engineer who can play a key role in bridging from digital circuitry to FPGA, to embedded CPUs in devices, and through networking layer to the host operating system internals. No specific work experience is required other than a broad knowledge of the entire stack bottom to top, and deep understandings of a few areas that interest you. Eager to learn and try new things is a must. We are open minded and flexible in which projects you take on. We highly encourage people to move up and down the stack to gain experience and understanding of the whole system.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction thru attentive listening, learning and proactive support to help customers achieve their goals.

  • Provide pre-and post-sale product consulting, technical support, and service to key customers, key distributors and sales personnel on Cepton products.

  • Give the customer a voice by collaborating with different teams to design and execute various technical solutions while managing multiple initiatives.

  • Manage product and solution requirements, prioritize features based on customer needs and expectations, and communicate to customers and internal teams clearly and effectively.

  • Maintain detailed and expert knowledge of relevant standards, technologies, and specifications, garnered where possible in advance of industry adoption.

  • Attend trade shows, seminars, conferences, and educational events to support internal and external customers and stay abreast of industry developments.

  • Conduct user acceptance testing of hardware and software integrated systems.

  • Be willing and able to travel as needed.

Job Requirements:

  • BS / MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience with strong mathematical background.

  • 5+ years of professional experience in customer success, field sales, sales engineering of complex technology products.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Proficiency with Python, C++ and Bash programming.

  • Familiarity with change management systems such as Jira and documentation systems such as Confluence.

Desired Experience:

  • Experience with lasers, sensors and optical devices is a plus.

  • Experience with automotive, robots and UAVs is a plus.

  • Experience with project management, RFI, RFQ process is a plus.


  • Proficiency in foreign languages, such as German, Japanese, French is a plus.